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jeromy pankratz

Jeromy joined pankratz+associates after spending 15 years in both public and private practice.  After lawschool, Jeromy served as a judicial clerk for the First Circuit in South Dakota.  As a private attorney, Jeromy started as a general practitioner with extensive experience in both trial and negotiations work and expanded into lobbying and public relations.  During his time in private practice, Jeromy was the elected States Attorney for Hamlin County, where he served his county for over five years, and gained convictions on two separate murder cases.  It was during those cases where he worked closely with the South Dakota Office of the Attorney General.


It was after the end of session in 2012 that then-Attorney General Marty Jackley asked Jeromy to come work with the office.  Jeromy began shortly thereafter and worked closely with General Jackley in multiple capacities.  As the Director of Tobacco litigation, Jeromy was responsible for implementation and enforcement of South Dakota’s Master Settlement responsibilities, as well as any litigation against big tobacco.  As Director, Jeromy negotiated on behalf of South Dakota for the 2018 settlement, which saw a release of $27.5 million to the state.   


Also while with the AG’s office, Jeromy was the primary point of contact for public policy issues.  In this capacity he endeavored to forward South Dakota’s interests in the national and international business community, forging lasting relationships with the nation’s attorneys general, titans of industry, and global policymakers.  He was also the primary lobbyist for the office for 6 years, where the AG’s office offered and passed over 40 bills, including extensive improvements to curb the methamphetamine epidemic in South Dakota, increase sex offender accountability, and increase government transparency.

Jeromy’s extensive knowledge on drafting and passing laws was recognized by the US Department of Justice and the National Associate of Attorney’s General when he was asked to teach at the African Union in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  The intensive course involved the drafting of legislation that would implement international treaties, with attendees ranging from AU legal counsel as well as Ambassadors to the African Union.

Jeromy is a member of the State Bar of South Dakota and is admitted to practice before the courts of the State of South Dakota, the US Federal Court District of South Dakota and the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals. 


Jeromy now offers legal advice through Pankratz Law on far-ranging subjects from business and real estate law, estate planning, criminal and civil litigation, and trademark law.  Jeromy also offers lobbying and political services, investigations, and Executive Director functions. 

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