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legal services

Pankratz Law offers a diversified practice that supports and advises everyone, from Fortune 100 companies to individuals.  Whether it be corporate governance, estate planning, personal injury, criminal defence, appellate practice, real estate law, or regulatory and administrative law, we can guide you through the legal system.


Pankratz Law has the experience you need in your corner;  from multi-million dollar settlements to successful South Dakota Supreme Court appeals; from a winning trial record to complex multi-state litigation; and from simple business agreements to multifaceted, intricate contracts.


If you need to secure a trademark, close a deal, have an agreement drafted or reviewed, or seek compensation from a wrong, we can carry you from beginning to end.



lobbying practice

With decades of experience, pankratz+associates can guide you through the halls of state capitol buildings, through the doors of the nation’s Attorney Generals, and every political subdivision in between. 


While litigation can settle legal disagreements, it is paramount that you have a firm that recognizes that lawsuits are not the only path forward.  Understanding legal authorities, subject matter and geographical jurisdiction, bureaucratic complexities, and even individual personalities of public officials can seem a daunting task.  But having such knowledge can avoid regulatory actions or spur economic development.  


We offer political strategies that include boots-on-the-ground lobbying, bill drafting, political updates and monitoring, and economic advancement through timely advice and implementation. 


Due to increased need for independent reviews of actions taken by public officials, corporate governance, and rank-and-file employees, we offer professional investigative services to public and private sector agencies and the legal profession.

We provide independent investigations into allegations of misconduct regarding violations of workplace policy and procedure or rules and regulations, or for the purpose of securing evidence to be used before any authorized investigating committee, board, or in the trial of civil or criminal cases.

In these complex matters we work closely with your legal counsel to deliver fact based and unbiased results. We also provide the legal profession and select corporate clients with "boots on the ground" investigative support in other matters. We have provided investigative support or consultation to law firms of all sizes including those with local, statewide, regional, and national practices. These services are discreet and confidential.

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